Thursday, 7 April 2016

Dawnbringer Volume 3: Main

Author: Jung-Hoon Hong (홍정훈)
KKEUM/Cheol-i (꾸엠/철이)

Ladyhawk of the Unparalleled Celerity
A famous Kishin known for being piloted by generations of beautiful women. Its special armament is the Multi Arm. It normally fights with dual rapiers, but when the battle becomes heated, it uses its Multi Arms to slaughter its enemies. The Multi Arm is also equipped with a plasma cannon for ranged combat.

01. An Ominous Feeling from the First Move
02. A Girl from the Past
03. Humansia
04. The Weakening of the Gateway
05. The Power of Humanity
06. The Oracle of Artus
07. Epilogue

[Dawnbringer v2] 04. The End of the Vacation

It's the end of a book! What kind of adventures will Lezirth and his crew get into next? What new things will we learn about how Lezirth came to be? How long will Narane take to translate it?! See for yourself in the next twenty years to find out!

Translator: Narane
Editors: MadTix


[Dawnbringer v2] 03. Dawnbringer VS Saika - Part 2

Rumour has it that there's an alternate story where Lezirth gets his genes stolen! I wonder what that involves.

Translator: Narane
Editors: MadTix


Friday, 1 April 2016

Me and the Tigress Volume 1: Main

Author: Kanel (카넬)
Illustration: Young-in (영인)

Rangii: "You said I'm pretty! This is the first time I heard that!"

Narae: "I told you to call me when you got back to Seoul."

 Saehee: "I am Saehee, the one who came from the family estate to meet you, young master."

Baduk: "Please pet my head~!"

01. Starting Story
02. Second Story
03. Third Story
04. Fourth Story
05. Concluding Story
Author's Notes

[Me and the Tigress v01] 01. Starting Story

The first chapter! No, this isn't an April Fools Day thing!

Translator: Dijon
Editor: Narane

A word from the translator:

Hi readers, I’m Dijon, the translator, and I have a disclaimer to give. My Korean is not good, but my English is perfectly fluent. In other words, I am incredibly sorry for any translation mistakes. Also, there's a manhwa out of this. In light novel terms, chapters 0-28 are volume 1, 29-70 are volume 2, and 71-ongoing are volume 3. So if you're okay with spoilers, here's the link:
This light novel is a ridiculously long series, so don’t expect any closure in the near future.


Thursday, 29 October 2015

[Dawnbringer v2] 03. Dawnbringer VS Saika - Part 1

The secret to better relationship is to sit in the same chair whenever possible.

Translator: Narane
Editors: MadTix

Please enjoy.


Saturday, 5 September 2015

[Four Lovers v01] 7. Bitter End - Part 1

As always, thank you readers for your kindest patience. Part 1 is approximately 60 percent of the chapter. Kurosmith couldn't finish the rest in the desired time due to his work schedule.

Anyhow, I would like to give a warm welcome to Kuro Cavk, our newest editor to join us. His work was exceptional here, and I would like to thank him for both his speed and skills.

Translator: Kurosmith
Editor: Kuro Cavk

Please enjoy~